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Home - Underwater Murals -Underwater Room Decor Kit

The Underwater Room Decorating Kit

Ocean fish of many different shapes and colors swim happily through seaweed, coral, and sea anemones. When your child opens the door, it's like walking into their own aquarium! Best of all, they don't need any scuba equipment to swim with the fish.

This whimsical kit is perfect for your child's ocean-themed bedroom or bathroom.

Simple and easy to use
1. Project to the size you want and pencil
2. Paint-By-Number
3. Outline and enjoy!
Take a little time to read our Frequently asked questions

This Deluxe children's Decorating Kit includes a step-by-step instruction manual with decorating tips and painting techniques, and ten transparencies of really fun, really wet artwork.

Underwater Deluxe PBN Kit

Item: 2001-1002

Creating great wall designs doesn't get any easier than that!

AAI was surprised at how easy I managed to paint this mural. Normally I can't even draw a straight line!hAA

Cathy (Alex's mom)



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